Train Your Cells To Heal


Have we as humans become too dependent on man made drugs to treat and heal ailments? We CAN train our cells to heal!

  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Etc…

While not every medicine will have side effects, the majority do. Just listen to a complete commercial glorifying a new drug you can ask your Doctor for. The pharmaceutical company hires a marketing agency who makes the new medicine sound like the greatest treatment possible.

At the end of the commercial, almost like the fine print on a written contract, the narrator quickly goes through all the side effects possible… Here is an example of side effects that must be mentioned at the end of a commercial. I am using this from an actual drug that was marketed heavily on the television. The drug name and manufacturer are being dropped as to not single any certain company or drug out.

Big Pharma Disclaimer

If you get a cut or an injury while on (drug), the bleeding may take longer than usual to stop. You may also bruise or bleed more easily.

Call your doctor immediately if you have abnormal bleeding or bruising while on (drug) because it could be a serious, even a life-threatening condition.

After you stop taking (drug), you’re at greater risk for stroke. You shouldn’t stop taking the drug without consulting your doctor.

If you receive an epidural, spinal anesthesia, or a spinal puncture while you’re taking (drug), you’re at increased risk for a blood clot around your spine that could lead to paralysis.

(drug) has side effects and can interfere with some medications. If you have any of the medical conditions noted below, use this drug with caution:

  • Heart valve replacement
  • Bleeding disorders or bleeding problems
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney problems
  • Any other medical conditions

Always tell your doctor if you have allergies to any medications, and discuss all the risks and benefits of (drug) before you begin treatment.

Finally, if you are taking (drug), be sure to talk to your doctor before you have surgery or medical or dental procedures, as it can cause excess bleeding.

(Drug) and Pregnancy

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, are breastfeeding, or plan to breastfeed.

It’s not clear whether (drug) is safe to take during pregnancy, so pregnant women should take the drug only if the potential benefits outweigh the risks to the fetus.

It’s also unknown whether (drug) passes into breast milk, so nursing women should not take (drug) or should discontinue breastfeeding while on a (drug) treatment.

It’s not known whether (drug) is safe or effective in children.

Your Body… Your Cells Were Designed To Heal

Now, by no means are we telling you to ignore your physician.

We are saying that you CAN train your cells to heal so you will be able to have near perfect checkups and your family Doctor will have no reason to provide you with drugs that may treat one condition while causing another condition.

We are going to share some tips, hacks and strategies to help you train your cells to heal.

Train Your Cells To Heal #1: It Starts With Your Brain

Over the years, we have lost the true definition of health and well being.

It seems that big medicine and huge pharma has put all humans in a box of numbers…

  • Cholesterol levels should measure between {a} & {b}.
  • Blood pressure should be ____.
  • Etc…

But what these experts have left out is the fact that every human is different. Different living conditions. Varied food intake. Exercise levels and types are different. So comparing a 6-foot male who lives in Buffalo, New York and is 32 years old with a 5 foot and 7 inch male of 40 years old from San Diego, California is completely out of line.

Instead of comparing, it needs to be individual… Health is Quality of Life, not a comparison.

  • Sleeping well
  • Being pain-free
  • Etc…

Do the medical experts dig into Life Quality?


So it just comes down to knowing the quality of life you have:

  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Family time

So before assuming you have what that commercial is saying you have, check your quality of life and do not allow pharmaceutical marketing hypnotization.

Train Your Cells To Heal #2: Shut It All Down At Least Once Per Day

Medical experts all know that stress is the leading cause of illness, death and disease. And what is their answer? A red pill, a green capsule or a shot in the arm… But how can any drug stop stress?

It Can’t!

Only you can control stress.

The best way to take control of stress is to just pick at least one piece of each day to completely shut the stress down. Completely empty your brain of all the items that you are thinking about…

Be it through meditation, listening to soothing music or possibly walking through a tranquil park, you must make a decision you will become a non-thinking human for that hour (give or take).

It is utterly amazing what happens with people when they use this technique. Inner cells begin healing the body and the brain seems to discover answers to the stressful situations.

Train Your Cells To Heal #3: Optimism

Studies have shown that humans have the ability to create sickness and disease just by speaking it on their selves.

The level of stress created when one says something such as:

  • I think I may have cancer… or
  • My Grandpa died from heart disease therefore… or
  • The commercial said that if my throat is sore and my eyes hurt, I must have (disease), so…

We can actually train our brains to tell our cells to create the disease within us.

Having optimistic thoughts allows our brains to train our cells to heal any possible problems.

Cleve Backster

If you believe your cells can heal your body, they will.  Cleve Backster, a researcher showed the world how this was possible in 1966. His findings were amazing.

Backster took white blood cells from humans and measured electrical impulses from these cells. At first, he asked the test subjects to pretend a stressful situation and the cells did not react. But when an actual stressful situation happened from a phone call the person received, the cells reacted.

To take it even further, subjects left their cells with Cleve and they kept logs of stressful and non-stressful situations for a set time. Even being miles away from their white blood cells, the cells would react at the exact moment the subject felt that stress.


When people try to relieve pain with drugs they are often stopping their bodies from healing. A great example is taking over-the-counter medications for lowering your stomach acid but stomach acid is needed to digest many of the nutrients our bodies require.

So we can cause more serious issues by self-diagnosing and self-treating bodily issues we are having.

The best pain reliever is our own brain.

Our systems can be controlled right at the smallest level… Our cells.

Just a few weeks ago, BodHD celebrated the official Prelaunch. And the BodHD objective is to help humans “hack” their systems to heal their issues at the cellular level. BodHD calls it Bio-Hacking.

We look at humans individually and not as a boxed set. With multiple therapies, we can help you train your cells to heal, not harm.

  • Male Testosterone Therapy
  • Female Hormone Therapy
  • Amino and Vitamin Therapy
  • Weight Loss Therapy
  • Sexual Health Therapy

And yes, BodHD has Doctors… Medical professionals who do know that our bodies are an intelligent design that can heal. You can learn more about them here.

Are you tired of the chemical manipulations? Being told you need to take a pill for every little thing?

Take control and become a BodHD member and you can and will take control and allow your body… your cells to heal your body. Just click the blue become a member link at the top of the BodHD homepage.

Thank you for reading today’s post and be sure to share it with others.

Disclaimer: All statements in today’s post are not meant to take the place of your Doctor’s advice or orders. It is both educational and meant to induce questioning before accepting a Doctor’s advice. Please do not just stop taking your medications without your Doctor’s approval.

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