12 Tips On Encouraging And Motivating Family And Friends To Get Healthy

How do you encourage or motivate friends and family to lose weight, exercise and get healthy without coming across as a total jerk?
It isn’t easy, but we care and love these people, so we must find ways to do so. Obesity is a huge killer and so many people have an attitude like it is normal. It can be as bad as drug or alcohol addiction.But, there are right and wrong ways to confront the issue.You probably would not want to approach Aunt Sally, Uncle Jim or your best friend Susan with something like “Gee, you sure have gained a lot of weight. Why don’t you start working out?”You are liable to feel a whole lot of hate if you approach it that way.In today’s post, I am going to give you 12 tips on encouraging and motivating people you care about to get healthy.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #1: Entice Walking

It’s as simple as, “you want to walk with me today?” It could be a walk through the park, downtown, in a mall, etc…You don’t even have to make it sound like exercise. Make it a social get together. If it is an enjoyable social experience, your friend or family member may be enticed to make walking a regular activity.Just make sure your friend or family member is wearing good shoes for walking.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #2: Be A Good Role Model

Are you practicing what you preach?
Do you eat completely healthy, exercise and take care of your mind health.
Remember, they are watching you and if you are following the plan, they will be more apt to do the same. But if you are “cheating,” why would they want to follow in your footsteps?
Be a good role model and you will encourage the people you care for.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #3: Make Some Tasty Dishes

I know that it is common for friends and family to have meals together. And in many cases, people assume that those fattening and unhealthy foods are better tasting than the healthy ones.
Time to prove them wrong!
Make one of those healthy dishes…

  • Veggie burgers
  • Fruit slices with a coconut and applesauce dip
  • Etc…

There are many great tasting and healthy recipes. Just do a search and you can find many online.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #4: Share Your “Wins” On Your Social Media Pages

Did you…

  • Just lose 4 pounds? – Share the excitement on social media.
  • Run your first marathon? – Post an image on social media.
  • Join a workout group? – Share the group with your primary social page.

But don’t tag people! Just keep posting your wins and they will see them.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #5: Be A Cheerleader And A Mentor If Possible

Here is a scenario:Let’s say your niece is at the family reunion. She is a beautiful girl but quite overweight. In small talk, she says she wishes she could look like you. Let’s pretend her name is Carol.“Carol, you are absolutely beautiful. It’s nothing to shed a few pounds honey and I will help you if you like. I know you have it in you so we can sit down and make a plan that we will do together… Sound good?”And whenever Carol reaches a goal, give her praise and encourage her to keep moving. Take her shopping for some new clothes or a spa treatment.
Heck, make her a certificate of achievement.
Your encouragement and support will help your friend or family member stay on the road to good health.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #6: There Are Times To Use The Fear Factor

When in casual conversation, there may be moments that using scare tactics will help:

  • I started thinking more about my health when I heard (name) died from a heart attack.
  • While I enjoy a drink here and there, I realized that too much alcohol is damaging to the liver and also raises blood sugar drastically.
  • I would like to see you give up that smoking habit. Cancer is so wicked and the odds of getting it are so high with smokers. I know someone who quit by using nicotine gum.
  • Etc…

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #7: Don’t Bring Up Fad Diets

Maybe you used a fad diet and it worked, but you need to know that those fad diets are not for everyone. And if the person has heard negatives about the diet, you are walking right into a debate that will not help that person or yourself.Just stick with the basics…

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Cut down the sugar filled items.
  • Exercise.
  • Sleep right.
  • Etc…

If the person does ask if you used any fad diets, go ahead and be honest with them. Tell the person if the diet worked or not. And be sure to tell them it may not work for them and they should consult their Doctor before doing so.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #8: Find Alternatives To The Eating Out Scene

Why is it that when people want to get together, a large percentage of the time, it is at a restaurant of some kind?
Instead of meeting somewhere that offers to stuff your belly with food, try meeting at a park, museum or some other place away from restaurants.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #9: Don’t Shame

It has been proven, shaming a person is not an answer to helping them. In most cases, you are actually pushing them to stay with their bad health choices.I mentioned using fear tactics, but you want to make sure that in doing so, you are not making the person feel ashamed.
A good example is the smoking issue; by telling the smoker cigarettes are disgusting, it puts shame on their backs. Telling the person that you feel nauseous from the smell of smoke, puts them in a position of wanting to help you instead of feeling ashamed.It helps to think before you speak.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #10: Always Stay Positive

If you have a positive outlook at all times, even when things are not going as planned, your friends and family will see this. They will want to be around you because it is much more enjoyable being near positive people instead of negative ones.This will lead to them wanting to be more like you, and since you are being a positive role model, they will start to live a healthier lifestyle.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #11: Share Your Story

Maybe friends and family know your story, but do they really know it all?Tell them why you have chosen a healthier lifestyle. Tell them you have a goal to live longer and achieve your dreams. Heck, tell them your dreams.Everyone loves a story, so share it and by pointing the finger at yourself, those listening will not feel as if you are pointing the finger at them.

Encouraging And Motivating Tip #12: Let BodHD Help

At BodHD, we are focused on helping the human race become healthy physically, mentally and financially.Maybe you are on a great path to wellness, or possibly you are struggling. No matter your position or your friend or family members condition, we CAN help!I encourage you to become a BodHD member. You can find the link at the top of this page on the right.As a BodHD member, you can help your friends and family and also enjoy some great benefits:

  • Biohacking your system – A plan customized for you based on your chemistry and Biomarkers.
  • Tele-Health 24/7 – As a member, you have access to professional medical help for you and your family anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. The professionals are U.S. Board Certified, have States licenses and credentials and have at least 5 years experience.

There are many other benefits including the Get Fit Club. Join in with others like you who want to live a healthier lifestyle. You can learn more here.


You are an encourager and a motivator. And I know these tips will help you help the people you love.Feel free to share this with others and together, we can help the human race live a healthy and prosperous life.
Thank you and have a great day!

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