Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul: 10 Tips


On a day to day basis, we meet people who have a drive to become successful. But what is success to one person is not necessarily success for the next.

I took a look at what several people would call success in their lives. Without mentioning names, here are some quotes:

  • “To find and fully live my purpose in life, and to leave an enduring legacy of having made a difference in the world.”
  • “Success, for me, has always been in providing a great quality of life for my family, for those who work for me, and to my community.”
  • “Success is looking back at your life, when you are in your final moments, and possessing a great amount of pride around your creations, accomplishments, and legacy, while possessing little to no regret about what you did not do and missed opportunities.”

So, is success having a huge house? Maybe.

Is it having $1,000,000 in savings? Possibly.

But to the biggest extent, the common theme from most is to just be happy and live a fulfilling life.

Let me ask you, What is your idea of success?

No matter your answer, to reach your success goals, you must prepare your mind, body and soul. Because all 3 of these synchronized will take you to that wonderful land of success.

Here are 10 tips to help you perfect the mind, body and soul…

They are not in any special order; all are important! So take notes, bookmark this post and refer to it often.

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #1: Exercise For Fun

Originally, I was just going to say exercise. But then I realized that a vast number of people do exercise and detest every minute of doing so. They exercise because their spouse or Doctor says they must. Or they are doing it to keep pace in a social setting.

While it is great they are exercising, the fact that they hate doing so is damaging in itself. Because the term hate is a cousin to that killer, stress.

So I suggest finding an exercise you love doing…

  • Bicycle ride
  • Walk through a peaceful park
  • Jumping jacks with your children
  • Etc…

If you do exercises you enjoy, you will turn them into a natural daily action instead of an obligation.

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #2: Be A Student Forever

It is said that if you do not learn something new today, the day was wasted.

It is humbling, but we must always admit we do not know it all. The wise human can admit they need to learn and the ignorant human thinks they have life tackled.

I suggest you develop a habit of reading often… Take a course at the local college or online… Seek a mentor…

Just seek learning experiences daily. Ask questions and listen. Watch educational videos and read educational blog posts.

Believe me, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you truly know.

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #3: Have A Meditation Time Daily

If we could see into our minds and realized just how many processes are occurring at one time, we would wonder why the whole thing just doesn’t shut down all of a sudden.

It has and does in some cases. And we can see that if we were to visit a mental hospital.

Our brains need breaks too!

Meditation is the best way to give the brain a break. Just find a peaceful place and empty the brain of all thoughts. Just let it relax by picturing a lone tree in the horizon, or a sea of tulips, roses or another beautiful flower.

Scientific research on meditation is finding meditation’s numerous benefits, including a decrease in hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and addictive behaviors.

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #4: Go Have Fun

It is imperative that we let our inner child out from time to time. If we consistently work without making a play time, we are in danger of overload and burnout.

So make sure you make the time to just go play…

  • Go drive go-carts at a track nearby
  • Try skydiving or hiking
  • How about a whitewater rafting adventure
  • Or maybe a simple Bridge game with friends

Go have some fun!

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #5: Do Something That Scares You

A big part of perfecting the mind, body and soul is building confidence. How do you build confidence? By doing things that scare you.

My suggestion is: make a list of things that frighten you. It could be anything. You may be scared of riding roller coasters – Now is the time, go take it on. Or are you nervous about speaking in front of a group of people? Set up a situation where you will speak in front of a group of people.

No matter what it is that scares you, find a way to do it and you will realize the fear was usually unfounded.

You will gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #6: Exercise Your Mind

Just like exercising our bodies, our minds also need exercise. There are tons of ways to exercise your mind…

  • Crossword puzzles
  • Suduko
  • Play music and try to name song and artist
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Etc…

What is so great about this is, you can make it fit with tip #4… It can be fun!

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #7: Drink More Water

Water is essential for life. Did you know that the human body is approximately 60% water? And we all know that water evaporates. So to keep our systems working at their best, we must keep supplying water to the body. And it comes by drinking it.

No, coffee, beer and soda do not count as water intake. Drink the real stuff.

Just consider these reasons why:

  • The body uses about 12 cups of water a day, through such things as breathing, digestion, elimination and perspiration. So we need to replenish it daily or our bodies will become dehydrated.
  • Water is necessary for the kidneys to remove toxins and other wastes.
  • It is required for digestion and absorption of food.
  • Water in the bloodstream carries nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  • And it is needed to regulate body temperature and blood circulation.

Have you had water today?

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #8: Smile

Just like the theory that music tames the savage beast, it is common knowledge that a simple smile can diffuse anger, sadness and depression in humans.

Test it!

The next time you see someone angry, sad or depressed, don’t say a word. Just give them a real smile. I cannot promise they will smile back, but I do know that they will be thrown into a new thought process and it will take some of the pain they are feeling away

And, you are not just helping them. That smile you are giving is perfecting your inner and outer being.

In my opinion, a smile is more powerful than any word.

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #9: Eat What Nature Provides

Nature provides us with everything we need for the perfection we seek. But eating processed foods has become the norm. And we ask why the world is suffering with obesity and many diseases.

Adding more nature in your diet will change you!

Have you had some green, orange and other colored vegetables today? Have you eaten some delicious fruits?

Try shopping more at farmer markets. Add a unique fruit to this week’s shopping list.

If you must go fast food, how about a salad this time?

Let nature’s foods help perfect your mind, body and soul.

Perfecting The Mind, Body And Soul Tip #10: Let BodHD Help

I know that there are some who read this and are saying, “Easier said than done.” And for some, that may be true.

That is one of the reasons BodHD was started. We want to help people like you perfect their mind, body and soul.

What do you need to do that?

  • An exercise plan?
  • A better understanding of your body?
  • A way to get health screening without outrageous costs?
  • And to make more money to lessen financial stress?

We at BodHD understand.

You can achieve all the above needs and more… Yes, you can even make more money just by using and sharing the BodHD system.

Sounds Good Doesn’t It?

All you need to do is become a member of BodHD. It is simple… You can learn more about this life-changing opportunity by clicking here.

Do you have any questions or comments? Ask and we will provide an answer.

Thank you for stopping by today and may you find perfection for success.

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