Perfecting Your Well Being – 10 Ways To Do So


When well being is mentioned, what first comes to your mind?

  • Finances?
  • Physical health?
  • Mental health?
  • Living environment?
  • Spiritual health?


Well being takes all these in and so much more. Can we have perfect well being?


While that question could cause a huge debate and I dare not give my opinion, I will say that we should have a goal of attaining perfect well being. I know I am always trying to do so and I hope you are too.


Today, we are going to examine 10 ways to perfect your well being. And if you have any other ways I have not listed here, feel free to share those with us in the comment section at the end.



Perfecting Your Well-Being # 1: Resilience



No matter what, life will throw darts and arrows at us sometimes. How we defend and overcome these onslaughts tells the world if we are resilient. We cannot stop the darts and arrows, but how we respond to them is the key.


Some people run and hide. Some throw up defense barriers and others start tossing darts and arrows back.


Are these wrong?


Who am I to say?


But to allow the darts and arrows to control your well being is where I will say, “We have a problem.”


Resiliency is not an easy trait to learn, but it is the wisest. I suggest meditating and using your inner self to brainstorm the best response to the onslaught. Consider the outcomes of each response.


You then choose the best response to benefit you and yours.



Perfecting Your Well-Being #2: Connect With 3 People



You may say to this that you are connected to 100 or more people.




I dare say that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, and WhatsApp don’t count.


I mean truly connect…

  • Talk over coffee.
  • Call any hour just because.
  • Trust to say your deepest secrets.
  • Etc…


Studies have shown that people who have 3 “deep” connections are the least likely to suffer psychological disorders when arrows and darts fly.


So I challenge you to find 3 people you can trust and who are willing to connect deeper than social media.



Perfecting Your Well Being #3: Don’t Dissuade Your Emotions



Perfect well being means accepting and feeling emotions. I would go so far to say that a large percentage of violent crime in the world is because a human could not adequately experience his/her emotions. People

  • deny,
  • sleep,
  • bury,
  • drink away,
  • or rationalize

their emotions. And at some point, that sadness, anger, or other emotion will poke its head out in an irrational way.


Instead of spending energy trying to avoid an emotion, allow yourself to feel that emotion in a healthy way and then you can practice resiliency and start moving forward.



Perfecting Your Well-Being #4: Learn Something New



No matter your age, gender, education or any other attribute, there is always something new to learn.


It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to attend a course. There are ways to learn new things without it costing you an arm and leg. Learn how to

  • Build a website
  • Water ski
  • Create a rock wall
  • Write a book
  • Etc…


You can learn so many things by reading, watching videos or finding a mentor willing to teach you.


I suggest you schedule a little time each week to learning something new.



Perfecting Your Well-Being #5: Mend Your Diet



So many of the health issues in the world today are a result of the way people eat. So much of our well-being hinges on what we eat and drink.


One of our focus areas at BodHD is diet. Cutting out the junk! Putting in the good stuff!


But we also understand that “one size doesn’t fit all.” We work at developing a customized health and well-being program fit for you. And, this is our vision:


BodHD™ wants to become the answer to the broken healthcare system. We are committed to helping millions become scientists of their own health where they can reach their true potential and achieve happier, healthier, and fully optimized lives. We envision a future of healthy, vibrant, and fit people sharing BodHD™ with everyone they meet.


You can be a part of that vision while also fulfilling your health and well-being goals. Become a BodHD member scrolling to the top and clicking become a member.



Perfecting Your Well-Being #6: Stick With Your Values



It is imperative that you stick to your values. It is not my place to tell you what your values should be. Hopefully, your parents, grandparents and other people in your life taught you values to live by:

  • honesty
  • hard work
  • compassion
  • empathy
  • etc…


Just know that if you go against the values you were taught, only bad things can come from it. Stick tight to your values and success is within your reach.



Perfecting Your Well-Being #7: Exercise



You didn’t think I would leave this off the list, did you?


Be it walking, jogging, hiking or biking, exercise is an absolute to keep your well being intact. You see, simple exercise motivates you and releases endorphins that does improve your mood.


I suggest you schedule time every day to perform exercise.



Perfecting Your Well Being #8: Be Grateful



As humans, we tend to dwell on what we don’t have and what is going wrong instead of focusing on what we do have and what is going right.


No matter our position in life, we have things to be grateful for.

  • Your career
  • A spouse or mate
  • Home
  • Children and grandchildren
  • Freedom
  • and so much more…


When we focus on gratefulness, all those other detours and roadblocks will seem tiny in comparison.



Perfecting Your Well-Being #9: Be Generous



I have found it to be a law of nature; when we give, it returns back in a much bigger way.


So many people think of money when we mention this and yes, money is a way to show generosity. But there are many other ways too.


Try giving your time to a needy child, or helping an elderly person get their groceries.


There is no better feeling in the world in my opinion, than when you gave your money or time to someone who needed it.


Sure, maybe the person you are generous with uses your generosity in a bad way, but that is not our judgment call. The generosity is to help us learn how to help our fellow humans.



Perfecting Your Well Being #10: Take Risks



All throughout life, we take risks, but often, because some of these risks overwhelmed us, we made decisions to not take any more risks. We play it safe and just let the world revolve.


What fun is there in that?


When we don’t take a few chances, we become stagnant and depression can set in.


I am not telling you to endanger yourself or another human, but do consider taking some measured risks and your well being will benefit greatly.






Follow these tips and I know you can perfect your well being.


And as an added plus, you can help your financial, physical and mental well being by becoming a member of BodHD.


Just by sharing the opportunity and showing others how passionate you are about bettering your well being, they will want what you have.


It is a win-win situation.


Just scroll to the top of the page and join up.


I know if you follow what I wrote for you today, you will perfect yourself, your well being.


Do you have any questions or want to share how you are helping your well being? Just post them in the comment section below.


Thank you and have a fantastic day!

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