14 Strategies To Live A Longer, Healthier Life

I don’t believe life is just a “game of chance.” Sure, accidents can happen but I believe humans have more control over their longevity than they think.


I know the question arises as to why a seemingly healthy and active person passes away while another individual who smokes, drinks and lives life carelessly lives to the ripe, old age of 98.


My opinion says this is the exception rather than the rule. If we were to put statistics to work, I would wager to say that the healthy and active humans outlive the careless homo sapiens by high percentages.


Here at BodHD, we consistently research and study human bio-markers, and we have found some strategies that can help humans live longer and healthier lives.


Naturally, if we could rid the world of many of the toxic substances, that would help. But for the biggest part as individuals, we do not have the power to do so. But we do have the ability to control what we do and how we do it.


So, come along with me and learn about these 14 strategies to live a longer, healthier life.



#1 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Add More Unprocessed Fruits And Vegetables To Your Diet


If at all possible, I suggest planting a garden with your favorite fruits and veggies. You may assume that you are getting proper nutrients from canned vegetables and fruit, but the processing involved in canning them takes many of the nutrients out. Plus, the preservatives used cannot be healthy.


Frozen items may hold more nutrients, but again, there is processing that adds those preservatives.


If at all possible, grow your own or purchase organically grown fruits and vegetables.



#2 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Keep A Positive Mental Attitude


Our mindsets play a huge part in our life expectancy. Staying positive… Keeping a sound, positive mentality will lead to a longer and healthier life.


I suggest you try to delete as many of the negative influences out of your life. Stay clear of negatives and focus on success.



#3 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Seek Friends


Some studies have been done and researchers have theorized that loneliness can lead to a shorter lifespan than obesity does. Every person needs at least one or two close friends that are not family to have a longer and happier life.


While it is great to have friends on social media, the ones who count for longevity are the friends you can hug and look in the eyes.



#4 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Jogging


Exercise does a body good and also makes for a longer life expectancy. One of the best exercises is simply jogging. Jogging helps strengthen your heart and burn off blood sugars which will keep your internal organs working properly.


One study showed that a one hour run, four times per week adds 7 hours to your life.


And another study states that people who regularly run are happier in all aspects of life.



#5 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Sleep


It is recommended that people get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night (or day for night workers). Anything less puts severe stress on your heart.


But it doesn’t just stop with going to bed; the quality of sleep is important too. These tips will help:


  • Make sure you have the least light as possible. Pitch black is best.
  • The optimal temperature is 67 degrees.
  • Try to have a set sleep schedule.
  • Turn off computers, mobile devices and televisions at least ½ hour before going to bed. The light from these devices can stimulate your brain waves and keep you awake.
  • And make sure your mattress and pillow are comfortable.



#6 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Cut Down On Sugar


Processed sugar gives your body high triglycerides which can create hypertension and high blood glucose which can lead to diabetes. All of these can lead to heart disease.


The American Heart Association recommends no more than six teaspoons of sugar a day for women, and no more than nine teaspoons daily for men.



#7 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Stand Up


So many of us sit to do our work and studies have shown that sitting for less than 3 hours per day can add 2 years to your life.


I have seen the development of desks that allow you to stand and work. That could be a good investment if you are in a chair for long hours.


If nothing else, try to stand up and move every 15 – 20 minutes.



#8 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: You Can Retire But Don’t Stop Working


Mortality statistics show that the death rates for elderly who are still working at least part-time are half of those who retired and are just sitting in their easy chair.


Staying active in life can keep you alive a lot longer.


If you are retired and are looking for more to do, why not start your own business? You can start a home based BodHD business and help people get in prime condition to live years longer. What’s more, the up-front costs of starting a BodHD home based business are much lower than starting a traditional business.


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#9 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Keep Learning


What is something new that you learned today?


If you cannot answer that question, you may have had a “wasted day.”


There is always something new to learn…


  • Cooking
  • Mechanics
  • Sewing
  • Woodwork


Anything… Something. Learning should never stop no matter our age.


You can read books, watch videos, take classes, attend events, etc…


Keep learning and live longer.



#10 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Skin Protection


As we age, our skin loses many of its self-protection abilities. We need to protect it from the sun’s damaging rays.


If you are going to be out in the sun, it is recommended to use a sunscreen to get that added protection. And don’t wait until you are older as all ages should do everything they can to protect their skin.



#11 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Drink Some Coffee


For all you coffee lovers out there, you do not have to give up your cup of morning “Joe.” Just do so in moderation.


There has been ample research that suggests that moderate coffee intake may fight against diabetes, and may even reduce the risk of dementia and heart disease. And a study done at Harvard determined that people who regularly drink coffee have reduced the risk of death.


Coffee has other benefits too; it stimulates the nervous system which raises our metabolism which helps us maintain a healthy weight.


Now I want to add that if you just cannot take coffee, green tea is an excellent substitute. Green tea has some amazing antioxidants and gives many of the same benefits as coffee.



#12 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Drink More Water


With so many beverage choices, many people have left the water off their list of drinking choices. But water is a must and can help you lead a longer, more fulfilled life.


An adequate supply of water (experts say about 6-8 bottles per day) will reduce the risks of bladder and/or colon cancer and keeps our kidneys working the way they should.



#13 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Add Fish To Your Menu


Studies have shown that people who regularly eat a diet of fish do live longer, healthier lives. This is because of the Omega 3 fatty acids found in seafood. Omega 3s reduce inflammation, help support skin rejuvenation, and help protect the system against heart disease.


You can get Omega 3’s from fish like salmon, mackerel, and cod as well as from plant-based items like flaxseed and walnuts.



#14 Strategy To Live A Longer, Healthier Life: Skip The Elevator


Maybe you have to go up to the 22nd floor for work. While the elevator is easy, just say no!


Take the stairs!


That little bit of stair step exercise can go a long way in helping you live longer. And besides, it keeps you out of earshot of any negative elevator office gossip.





I know if you abide by these tips, your odds of living a longer, healthier life are going to rise dramatically.


And remember that here at BodHD, we are always striving to help people get healthier and live longer. We would love to have you on the team. Just scroll to the top and click join and we all can work to bringing longer life to humans everywhere.


If you have any questions, or if you have any other “live longer” suggestions, just post them in the comment area below.



Thank you and have a great day!


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