Do you ever wake up feeling like you didn’t sleep well and immediately reach for that liquid energy? Most people would admit that if they slept better they would have more energy throughout the day. One of the biggest problems with needing another energy source throughout the day is that it actually ends up worsening the sleep problem at night.

There’s a lot of factors to getting a good night’s sleep, all of which we may be able to help you with. The Best Day Experience starts with Hypnos.


We believe that energy doesn’t come from a can. It comes from optimal sleep. Hypnos combines natural melatonin, chamomile, and full spectrum hemp oil, and may help deliver a sleep experience second to none. Different than a normal sleep aid, Hypnos combines natural ingredients that begin to work in your body in four days up to a week. By taking Hypnos and following our best night experience suggestions, you may begin to relax, destress and start to enjoy the sleep that you have probably been missing.

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Best Nighttime Suggestions

We know this is hard, but turn off all media an hour before sleep. What’s more important…catching that last show or feeling amazing the next day?


Each day has its own demands and you need to be ready for whatever comes your way. With Awake, you may have the focus you need to meet all challenges. We combine high-quality ground Colombian coffee with natural hemp oil all in a convenient on-the-go stick pack.

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Best Daytime Suggestions

Treat your morning as almost sacred…find the time to mentally prepare the day. Get up before the kids do and enjoy some quiet reflection. Read a newspaper or a book. Prepare your Awake and enjoy it…not chug it down. The way you prepare in the morning sets up the success for the rest of the day.